DISCOVER OUR FRUIT WATER A functional and fruity range

Specialized in the dehydration of Fruits, today we want to highlight our range of Fruit Waters! This range of native waters is fully in line with our sustainable development approach. Indeed, this co-product comes from the condensation of water vapors of our organic fruits, the valorization of fruit waters collected by during our dehydration process.


Marketed under the brand Onativ' this palette of ingredients has real assets for the development of your projects:

• A choice among 2 types of Native Waters (Preserved or unspoilt) extracted from 16 different fruits.
• From Fruits produced in Organic Agriculture, they are cosmos certified (BIO Cosmetic).
• Colorless, they can naturally be incorporated into your mixtures.

• An interesting alternative to replace part or all of the water in your cosmetic compositions.
• A fruity and botanical signature on your label.

By developing together this type of ingredients, with a fruity and innovative footprint, we will progress together towards increasingly circular and virtuous production and transformation chains! ♻