Food industry

For various food application

100% natural solution for your products


Dehydrated fruit is ideal to be incorporated in any finished product. Easy to add to any formulation, their facility of use is one of their major assets. They have a shelf life of 18 months. They are delivered in triple layer bags (PE-ALU-KRAFT) which allow room temperature storage.


Our dehydrated fruit is 100% natural and do not contain any additives (no colouring, aroma or preservatives). They will give your dishes the colour and taste of natural fruit. In pieces, granules or whole fruit they will bring a crunchy texture to your products.



Chocolate, pastry and candy

Our fruit brings to your specialties the entire flavour and the original colour whether in decoration or in inclusion.

In powders or in pieces, they offer a fresh and slightly acid note, as well as a crunchy and surprising texture.




Muesli and cereal bars

Our fruit and other specialties bring the ideal slightly acid touch to delight your customer’s palate. Our products which are tasty and crunchy bring lively colours in your preparations, a real asset for you future innovations.



Tea and infusion

Granules are mainly used for teas and infusions. The entire fruit’s aroma spreads in a homogenous way. You can find our fruit granules in two versions: 100% fruit or with maltodextrin. The pieces of fruit are interesting to use for a striking visual effect and a delicious taste.



Caterer Products

Try dehydrated fruit in all your culinary preparations! Trendy and original, they sublimate perfectly your dishes. Use them in decoration or in inclusion, in diverse ways, dry or liquid. The taste and visual result can only seduce your consumers.



Bread and biscuits

Our fruit is easy to use; you can incorporate it with or without preliminary rehydration. In powder or in pieces, you can play with the various possibilities of size grading to offer your specialties the flavour and the original colour of the fruit.