Our values

Our interests & values

Respect for our customers and our products



We transform the raw material we receive with a lot of precaution. Our specific system is a vacuum drying process which does not need high temperature. We do not add any colorant, flavouring or any other additives to our products. They conserve the flavour and their nutritional benefits. Most of our references are also available in their organic version.


High Quality

We do everything we can to offer you the best of each fruit. We are very demanding about the quality and the origin of the raw materials we use. Our process is based in France and respects the very nature of the fruit. This enables us to offer our customers high quality ingredients which can be used for high quality preparations. Our range proposes various sizes: whole fruit, pieces, granules, powders. They combine both simplicity of use and flexibility.


Our quality policy implies regular controls on each step of our process. Microbiological controls are regularly achieved to guarantee the quality and food safety of our products.



Fruitofood’s guarantee :

  • Shelf life of 18 months for our products
  • An ideal packaging: a triple layer bag for storage at room temperature protecting from humidity and light.
  • An irreproachable quality management on a day to day basis: a control of products with a controlled sourcing, manufacturing processes including regular controls, and well trained and qualified staff.
  • A rigorous selection of the raw materials and of the suppliers we work with
  • A complete tractability from the farmer to our consumers, for total transparency





Over the years Fruitofood acquired many certifications guaranteeing the high quality of our products:


  • Fruitofood is certified BRC 
  • Our facilities are registered to transform biological products. Most of our fruit is available in their organic version and are certified “Agriculture Biologique” (www.agriculture.gouv.fr/l-agriculture-biologique). Organic farming respects rigorous specifications established between the farmer and the certification center of the European regulation 834/2007.
  • Our products are certified kosher, certification KLBD.
  • We guarantee the COSMOS certification for the fruit waters Onativ’. (www.cosmos-standard.org)


Sustainable Development

For FRUITOFOOD it is a major preoccupation to preserve the world in which we are living. Therefore Fruitofood is engaged in several initiatives for a sustainable development:

  • Our transformation process consumes very little energy and does not generate any waste!

    Did you know ?

    When we dehydrate fruit we evaporate all the water contained in it. This water represents almost 90% of the total weight of the fresh fruit. In our company we use this co-product that is usually discarded! This fruit water is revalorized and used in cosmetic formulations. Fruitofood is one of the only actors to use a 100% of the raw material in the fruit sector in France.

    • An initiative of sustainable sourcing was launched this year in order to respect the planet by favouring proximity and reducing the supply chain ;
    • Our initiative of eco-responsibility is not only set up on outdoor actions but also inside our walls. For instance, we favour carpooling as much as possible between employees: a considerable way of connecting the environment and a social link as well! Every day we apply a strict policy concerning management of waste and selective sorting. The entire team contributes in protecting the environment.
  • Did-you know ?

    Fruitofood is based in the heart of the natural park of “le Perche”, in a municipality of less than 900 inhabitants. Therefore it is particularly important for us not to emit any discharge of pollution or any noise pollution.



What makes the strength of the company is also the relationship between our clients and us. We build a trustful relation with our customers by listening and understanding their needs or problems in order to think of the solutions that can be found. We work together on innovation projects. This means a high reactivity and a complete availability of our team.


Our counseling board is ready to meet all specific needs and our dedicated team is flexible and adaptable.


Human Respect

At FRUITOFOOD, we think of the well-being of each one. The work conditions are the center of our preoccupations and safety always comes first. We develop our team’s skills and we are attentive to each of their individual needs. Our team is totally committed to the future of the company. For us, every one has something unique to bring to the rest of the group.

Office and production staff members work together to meet our customers’ needs.

Moreover, we have established a partnership with the companies of the region! For instance we work with ADC which is a conditioning company based near Tours and which employs 85% of people with disabilities.



For Tomorrow?

Our continuous improvement approach helps us keep the future in mind and remain respectful of our products, our planet, our employees and our customers (protect the environment).

Therefore our supply chain is improved to continually make it more respectful of biodiversity and of the environment, in particular by working on the reduction of waste. In this evolving context, one thing is bound not to change: the high quality of our products which will always be natural and tasty.