Fruitofood's process

Preserve the quality of the fruit and of the environment


We are proud to say Fruitofood is the French specialist of vacuum dried fruit.


Our dehydration process respects the quality and the specificities of each fruit. We believe that in fruit everything is good therefore we try to use the entire raw material as much as possible to reduce waste.



  • The dry matter is used in food, nutraceutical and in the cosmetic fields.
  • The fruit water is used in cosmetic products (Onativ’® waters).



Our low temperature dehydration process enables us to evaporate almost all of the water contained in the fruit. For the record, 10kg of fresh fruit give approximately 1kg of dehydrated fruit. The process is completely natural and the final product is stable without any preservatives or any additives. Therefore all the authenticity of the fruit is respected.


The fruit water extracted is used in cosmetics under the brand name Onativ’®. The dehydrated fruit can be used immediately in any preparation.


In the end there are many references of fruit and many different forms possible for all tastes!