History of the company

The specialist of dehydrated fruit

A French company


Since 2002 Fruitofood has been the French specialist of fruit dehydration. The company is based in the municipality of Fontaine Simon, in the center of the regional park of the Perche region. Our team is composed of 25 members. We all work constantly keeping in mind a respect of our natural products.


A diversified activity


While our passion for the fruit industry remained intact, our activity was constantly evolving and expanding. We offer a numerous variety of fruit such as exotic fruit, citrus fruit, berries or stone and seed fruit. To meet all our customers’ requests we propose different sizes: whole fruit, pieces, granules or powders.


A specific process


Our strength lies in the exclusivity of our process. During the transformation the fruit is vacuum dried at low temperature to be emptied of its water content. This unprecedented process takes place in our production site based in Fontaine Simon. It allows us to respect at its utmost the qualities of the fruit.


Our expertise is recognized around the world. Approximately 80% of our sales are carried out at export.


Discover our story in a few key-dates:


*Certification obtained with the audit of the production site by an accredited organism, giving evidence of a respect for strict requirements regarding hygiene and food safety measures. A reliable security for our customers who can be reassured by the fact that we propose safe products.



All our team works with passion and professionalism in order to ensure you:


  • High quality products
  • A dynamic and responsive team
  • Flexibility in our exchanges
  • A reactivity appreciated by all our customers