Organic and natual cosmetic

100% fruit water*


Thanks to its experience and expertise in vacuum dehydration of fruit at low temperature, Fruitofood has elaborated an original technological concept, respectful of the environment in order to produce a rare, innovative and exceptional water ready to be used by the cosmetic industry : Onativ’®.


The cellular water is carefully extracted from a very simple and natural fruit, keeping with it its original markers and components. The vacuum drier doesn’t waste energy and doesn’t require any addition of any kind before, during, or after the process.


Onativ’® is the very quintessence of the fruit from which all possible impurities have been cleared to become a remarkable water which meets all the existing standards, however restrictive they may be. It is a clear and limpid water compatible with any galenical formulation. Onativ’® is the new added value to your formulas and applications.


  • It won’t color them.
  • It will easily be a substitute for your usual fruit markers without any unpleasant consequences,
  • It will replace all or part of your floral demineralized water
  • And it will offer the signature of the fruit and the organic friendly contents you can expect.


Fruitofood has developed 15 different Onativ ' ®: Any of them is available with or without preservative. You may wish to make another choice which is not mentioned above. Our R&D team is ready to create it for you.


*Organic Onativ’ P* (Preserved), more than 99% Organic.

Organic Onativ’ NP** (Non Preserved), 100% fruit and 100% Organic.



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