Superfruit at your disposal

All the nutrients of the fruit!


Our vacuum drying process at low temperature allows us to preserve the nutritive elements of the fruit. Indeed, the fruit is very slowly heated so that we don’t destroy the active molecules contained in it. Therefore our dehydrated fruit is very interesting from a nutritional point of view. Moreover they are natural solutions for any dietary complement.


They are ideal to incorporate to any nutraceutical solutions such as: pills, sports drink to rehydrate, sugar-free preparations...


Discover the references of our nutraceutical range:






A superfruit full of energy!

Acerola fruit usually grows in tropical regions such as South America. We can often find it in Peru or in the West Indies where it is called the Barbados’s cherry. This bush with its red colored flowers gives acid fruit which are visually close to cherries. They are famous worldwide for their high content in vitamin C.

Rich in natural vitamin C : + 12 000mg/100g




The new superfruit

The use of these berries native to the mountain region of Europe goes back to antiquity. The Greeks used to love this small fruit because it was said that it would accelerate weight gain of their horses and would give them luxurious coats. That is why the Latin name of this fruit is hippphae which means “horse” and “shine”.

Rich in vitamin C. Contains Vitamin E and carotenoids.




A vitamin concentrate

The origin of blackcurrant was never quite determined. We found it during the 15th century but its seams to appear for the firts time in literature at the beginning of the 18th century with the work of the Abbé Bailly de Montaran: "The admirable characteristics of blackcurrant". From its Latin name, the Ribes nigrum is well-known for its medical virtues should it be for its leaves or for its fruit.

Rich in vitamin C, fibbers and organic acids.



Goji berry

A miracle-working berry

Goji is a small red fruit which has grown up since the Ancient World on one of the most fertile soils in the world, in the provinces of Ning Xia, at the border with Tibet. This berry has been eaten for millenniums by some Chinese, Mongols, Tibetans and Indian people.

A berry full of fibbers, proteins and vitamin C!




A boosting berry

Blueberry is as small berry which has various interesting characteristics from a nutritional point of view. It was also used in the past for its particular virtues. Indeed, story tells that during the Second World War aviators would have greatly improved their night sight due to weekly intakes of blueberry jelly.

Rich in oragnic acid !




A citrus fruit rich in vitamin C

Orange is one of the most popular and consumed citrus fruit in Europe. We can find it under many forms: fruit juice, dietary supplement… It is mostly its « health » aspect which makes this fruit a leading choice for consumers.

Known for its intakes in vitamin!





A super antioxidant

Grapefruit is often mistaken for its original ancestor originated from China. Grapefruit comes from North Amercia. It’s mostly produced in Florida and so it is the emblematic fruit of the region. Less bitter and sweeter than its cousin it is much more consumed in Northern countries and in Europe.

Contains vitamin and organic acids.




A miraculous seaweed

Spirulina is it a seaweed which belongs to the family of blue seaweeds. It appeared more than 3 billion years ago. This seaweed is known for its numerous nutritional virtues as well as for its reduced needs in water for its cultivation. This seaweed is quite rare in France. Fruitofood offers you a high quality spirulina, exclusively from Eure-et-Loir, cultivated, collected and transformed in this area.

An ideal nutritional intake for iron. An incredible boost for the immune system!

Nominated in the category « Ingredients» at the Innovation Trophies during the CFIA event in 2012.