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Dehydrated Lime with peel  Powder

Dehydrated Lime with peel Powder

Dehydrated Lime with pell Powder 100 % lime
Ingredient : 100% dehydrated lime with peel
Shelf life : 18 months
Packaging : Triple layer bags PE-Alus-Kraft 10-20kg

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Smaller and thicker than the lemon fruit, the lime stands out with its singular aroma. Frequently used in dishes, the lime also contains an interesting nutritional profile with its high intake of vitamin C and the presence of various micro-nutrients.

Time delivery: 4 to 6 weeks  after confirmation of order,  may vary according to stocks

The products are to be kept in their original packaging, hiden from light and hermitically resealed after openning. Avoid heat and humidity.  

This product may aggregate in time, neverttheless this does not degrade the quality of the product.

The company  has a dedicated workshop for all products that may contain lactose or traces of shellfruits.

Certified organic by FR-BIO-01.

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